Worship at Holy Trinity

Worship at Holy Trinity

Pattern of worship

We have a varied pattern of worship throughout the month with a mixture of tradition and contemporary services, with elements of both catholic and evangelical spirituality. Please come along and join us – it will be great to see you! 

  • 1st Sunday 10.30am – Holy Communion (with Trinity Kids)
  • 1st Sunday 6pm – BCP sung Evening Prayer
  • 2nd Sunday 10.30am – Second Sunday Praise (all-age worship)
  • 2nd Sunday 6pm – BCP Holy Communion
  • 3rd Sunday 10.30am – Holy Communion
  • 3rd Sunday 6pm – BCP sung Evening Prayer
  • 4th Thursday 7.30pm – Compline (Night Prayer)
  • 4th Sunday 10.30am – Fourth Sunday Family Communion
  • 4th Sunday 6pm – Celtic Worship OR BCP Evensong
  • 5th Sunday 10.30am – Holy Communion
  • 5th Sunday 6pm – Team service OR BCP Evening Prayer

Morning and Evening Prayer – Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am and 5.30pm respectively. You are welcome to join in person or watch on our Facebook page. In school holidays this may change as Rev Joe might be on holiday! Please keep an eye on our Facebook page to be updated. If you would ever like to undertake your own Daily Office click HERE or download the Church of England Daily Prayer app for Apple and Android phones.

Church etiquette post-lockdown (19th July):

We hope that you find these actions mindful of our present situation, respectful in our duty of care and also hopeful in our new freedoms:

Social distancing, etc.

  • Keep national ‘trace and track’ QR code in place and post-it notes for people to sign in when not a service.
  • Remove service limit cap of approximately 30 people.
  • Remove online booking system for services.
  • Take names and contact details of those present for a service as they enter.
  • Strongly encourage social distancing but this to be self-regulated.
  • Have available ‘please do not sit next to me’ signs for people to use if they wish.
  • Top windows to be opened and church doors open to aid ventilation.

Masks and cleaning

  • PCC expectation that face coverings are to be worn while in church.
  • To ensure face coverings are available to those without one.
  • Hand sanitiser to remain in place in porch of church and for receiving of communion.
  • Continue wiping down of pews and touch points after services when volunteers are able to do so.
  • To promote a greater sense of personal responsibility in people wiping down the area of where they are sitting.
  • Bibles and kneelers to remain at the back but still available for people to use and leave on pews to signify someone has sat there.


  • Resume communal singing.
  • Face coverings to be worn while singing.
  • Encourage gentle singing.
  • 3 congregational hymns and reduced verses if too long. 2 for Sunday evenings.


  • Sign of the Peace still ‘non-contact’.
  • Continue to receive in the current standing manner.
  • Priest and people still masked for distribution.
  • Chalice still not distributed to the people.

These actions were deemed most prudent in allowing us to officially reintroduce things we have had to stop, while also not simply removing the risk mitigating factors that we have in place. There is a greater emphasis on personal responsibility and sensitive awareness of others. For the love of your neighbour and duty of care for all as Christians, please follow these guidelines in the coming weeks ahead.