Policies and Privacy Notice

Policies and Privacy Notice

The following policies and risk assessments can be found at The Vicarage, Church Road, Potten End, HP4 2QY (the house next door to the Church Room):

  • Promoting a Safer Church document        
  • Safer Recruitment policy  
  • Delegation of reporting serious incidents
  • Safer recruitment policy                               
  • Recruitment of ex-offenders’ policy       
  • Lone working policy
  • PCC code of conduct
  • Conflicts of interest policy
  • Complaints policy and procedure                              
  • PCC trusteeship eligibility                                          
  • PCC HMRC ‘fit and proper’ declarations
  • Health and Safety risk assessment

If you wish to view them, please contact either Andy Smith (07791 225970) or Julie Griffiths (07831 436593)

All other Church policies (including safeguarding, GDPR and live streaming) can be found in the Church Porch.

Data Privacy Notice

To view our policy relating to GDPR and how we use/store personal information please view the document below: